Take a large pinch of nostalgia - that feeling that makes you tingle inside, and brings you face-to-face with the tastes, smells, and feelings of your past. Combine it with the best well-known hits of the fifties and sixties. Stir until totally danceable. Arrange the music on a platter exactly as people remember it. Embellish with glitter, add a helping of wild-and-crazy, and sprinkle with a generous portion of laughs. Serves thousands...

This is the magic recipe for the Corvettes Show Band, San Diego's favorite oldies revue. Their up-tempo, fast-paced show is entertaining for people of all ages. If you grew up in those simpler days, the Corvettes will take you back. Younger than that? Don't worry - the show is so entertaining that even kids can't take their eyes off them- and most of them know the words! And, hey, it’s the roots of rock and roll - EVERYBODY can dance!!

The Corvettes know nostalgia. Their keyboard player performed at the Woodstock Festival in 1969, as an original member of Sha Na Na. Credited with being the first group to introduce the idea of "bringing back the oldies", Sha Na Na is best known for its syndicated TV show in the late seventies, and its appearance in the movie "Grease".


THE CORVETTES are a five-piece show band (four male, one female) celebrating the music of the fabulous early years of rock and roll - from the mid fifties through the late sixties. Orchestration includes drums, bass, guitar, and keyboards. The act includes tributes to the legendary artists of the period, from doo-wop and rock to soul and R&B, from Sam Cooke, Elvis Presley, The Four Seasons, and Dion to Sonny and Cher, Chubby Checker, Wilson Pickett and Sam & Dave. The "front line" singers belt out the tunes, complete with wigs, steps, and tight harmonies that made the music famous. Costumes, make-up, and choreography are appropriate to the concept, and can be tailored for casual or black tie events.

The members of the CORVETTES have been entertaining San Diego area fans since 1988. The CORVETTES continue to be the only area band featuring streetcorner doo-wop sounds, while providing an evening of entertainment all ages will enjoy.

THE CORVETTES customize their shows to the appropriate occasion, and can provide a full evening of continuous rock 'n roll dancing, or a thirty minute revue glimmering with sequins, pom-poms, and gags. The group is based in the San Diego area, but can travel to meet your needs.



Splish Splash

Soul Man

Unchained Melody


Rock Around the Clock

Don't Be Cruel

At The Hop

Blue Moon

Louie Louie

The Twist

Knock On Wood

My Boyfriend's Back

©2003 The Corvettes